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RoboDawgs VEX Season Starting Soon

Wow! More than 70 students attended the student kickoff meeting! The 2018-2019 VEX season will be starting soon. Teams will be formed within the next couple of weeks.

A new game (Turning Point) and new hardware (the V5) should make this great, yet challenging, season! For more information about our VEX program, please click on the What We Do menu item.

RoboDawgs Design


Starting with a piece of paper and a writing utensil, our team knows the first step in the competition is to document the design on paper.   Once the design is approved, we can build a parts list and submit a parts request.   Then, we can build…

RoboDawgs Build

We build machines to compete in a game.  The game changes every year, as do the requirements of the robot size depending on the competition type.  There is trial and error in our process and that is ok.  We take an iterative process to building a machine to compete at the highest level.

RoboDawgs Program

Metal fastened together is only part of the solution.  We have to program our robots to move with a controller one of our drive team members controls, but also during autonomous parts of the competition where the driver has no control of the robot.

RoboDawgs Give Back

To be a member of the team, we must mentor the next generation of RoboDawgs.  We work with teams of elementary and middle school age members to teach them how to design, build and program their robots to compete.

RoboDawgs are high school students who design, build, and program robots to compete in robotics competitions.