Other Activities

3D Printing

One of our small group activities is designing and fabricating parts using 3D printers.  




CNC Machining

We have a CNC class every summer and then throughout the year we are able to machine parts for use on our FRC robots.   And some fun stuff too!



TShirt and Football Shooters

How can get out in front of people and let them know what we do?   Let’s build a mini football shooter and shoot footballs into the stands at home football games!   And that worked so well for a few years, let’s build a shooter for t-shirts and launch those into the stands, too!



High Altitude Weather Balloons

We’ve launched high altitude balloons many times over the years.  We work on challenges put out by the Global Space Balloon Challenge.  Our RoboDawgs have learned lots over the years concerning wind speed, long periods in sub-zero temperatures, instrument packing and tracking.



Quad Copters and Drones

RoboDawgs are able to learn about quad-copters and drones in another small group opportunity.  We’ve helped the band with formations and taken footage during football games.  We also program autonomous flights.




Our goal is not to win, but it’s nice when it happens.   We have a successful program that every once in a while ends in a tournament win!





As members of the high school RoboDawgs team, we mentor elementary FIRST Lego League JR, FIRST Lego League, VEX IQ teams or VEX EDR middle school teams.  We also try to mentor and help other teams when we travel to competitions who do not have the same resources we have available to us.



Achieve More

Our goal is to have our team members be successful at the four-year higher education institution of their chose.  We are proud to have a 100% high school graduation rate after 20 years and 98% of our RoboDawgs move on to earn undergraduate degrees.