Support the Grandville RoboDawgs


Grandville Robotics is among the largest and most successful educational robotics programs in the country.  We will provide competitive robotics opportunities for more than 600 students in second through twelfth grades during the 2019-2020 year.  Our programs are not pay-to-play, and we provide the same opportunities to every student regardless of which Grandville school they attend or their family’s financial situation.  Since its formation in 2006, the GATB has raised more than $2.5 million to support the development of the country’s leading educational robotics program.  This year, we need to raise more than $400,000 to continue our tradition of excellence.  Sponsors can support our teams in the many ways outlined below, or a custom sponsorship package can be created for any donor. 


Our standard sponsor opportunities: 

High School RoboDawgs Sponsor

____     $200     VEX EDR Team Sponsor

____     $500     Bell Drones Competition Team Sponsor

____     $500     FIRST Robotics Competition Team Sponsor

____     $500     West Michigan VEX Tournaments – Competition Field Sponsorship

____     $2,000  VEX – Named Tournament Sponsor    

____     $2,500  VEX – Regional Elite Robotics Tournament Sponsor


Grandville Robotics Program Sponsor 

 ____     $2,000  District-wide VEX Robotics Program Sponsor

 ____     $2,000  District-wide Drones in Schools Program Sponsor

 ____     $5,000  District-wide FIRST Robotics Program Sponsor

 ____     $25,000   BIG DAWG Sponsor (contact Coach Hepfer for details)


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