Who are the RoboDawgs? 

The RoboDawgs is a robotics program in Grandville, MI that consists of high school aged students.

Our Grandville robotics program is successful because we have our priorities straight.  We create a fun environment where kids build and program cool stuff.  We are committed to a program which makes science and technology tangible.   The primary objective for the RoboDawgs is to maintain a robotics program that is nationally recognized for quality and integrity, where elementary and middle school students aspire to be RoboDawgs, students come to Grandville Public Schools to be part of the program, and colleges recruit RoboDawgs like they do top high school athletes.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Improve the academic performance of all our students
  • Teach our students to work as a team in the spirit of gracious professionalism
  • Help all team members develop real-world engineering and technology skills
  • Finish in the top half of all robots in the field competition at most robotics competition
  • Graduate a large number of RoboDawgs into Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math programs at four-year universities
  • Help all our students explore four-year college opportunities and apply for college scholarships